Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spoon or Knife

Miserable is a great word to describe it
I feel as if I am a concave spooon
Waiting for someone to bend it straight
Maybe if I had a platform
My mind would speak the truth
People may listen
Or act as if headphones exist
In empty ears
If my words cannot touch them
Then I will use my hands
Gestures make the world go round
All of my professors used them
My monotone voice vows silence
Take my body language for example
I lean to a side to release pressure
I lick my lips in exhaustion
I think of all the times you made me happy
Instead of a spoon
Maybe I should invest in a knife
At least they are flat and great at stabbing

I really enjoy the flow of this poem. I think it could be a prose poem instead, but maybe with a few edits, it could be great.

I hope you enjoy!

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