Tuesday, September 10, 2013

'89 Camaro

When I escape the clutches of the night
I fall into bed, and put up a fight
My mind races like my expensive sports car
It's an '89 Camaro with no spoiler in sight
It can see 145 miles per hour
Takes the sweat right off my brow
Basically, it is fast, nearly as fast as these thoughts
While the horsepower is a measly 170
My thoughts are being processed nearly double that
I see things from my past, present and future
I talk in my head about faith, honor and sin
I redeem qualities that have been lost for years
If I could write this all down in a notebook
It would fill up four books worth
College ruled, front and back, single space
If I drift from my thoughts, it retaliates with a fierce growl
One could call it snoring
Other might call it my engine roaring by
All I know is that if I stop thinking
I might die
I call my Camaro "The Tinker Soldier"
It looks like a car a spy would drive
I spy with my thoughts another sleepless night

I never liked Camaros much. I believe they are uncomfortable to sit in. If I had one, I would probably have multiple speeding tickets.

I hope you enjoy!

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