Monday, September 23, 2013

A Stabbing Embrace

Questions arise at the fumigates
To breathe in equates death, you get the shakes
The tent is crashing, you run for your life
Before you exit, you grab a butter knife
Without any pants, you start to run mad
People glance at you but only feel sad
There is a man, streaking, in circles with a knife
Instead of calling the cops, they put up a fight
You stab, slash and use perry maneuvers
Why did you ever move to Vancouver
A woman tries to knee you in the groin
You make a dash for the subway
But you stop on the dime
It's your wife with another man
This was never part of your plan
You lean in for a stab, but fall to your hands
You beg and plead, approaches are your fans
They are still after you, kicking and screaming
They want your head on a platter
For the chickens to peck at
You lay down on the ground
They surround you, and impound your head
Before you close your eyes, your wife speaks softly
How does it feel when you hurt, don't cross me
You wake up with a glazed look over your face
You turn to your right, and your wife is there
You embrace

I think I have been playing too much Grand Theft Auto V. Plus, a lot of stuff is going on in my head that probably prompt me to write this.

I hope you enjoy!

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