Friday, September 20, 2013

All Aboard

The passengers board an invisible train
This ghost train will them to their undermining doom
Each passenger has done something in their life
Where a jester has laughed at their mistakes
While some might call what they did "sin"
They know no better nor right
The passengers fight each day to get through their regretful life
Tempted by many, consumers to each tails sided penny
Each passenger watched the train pass by for years
However, onlookers never noticed with blind eyes
Only passengers who deserve the ride see the train
One passenger saw her mother die in her arms
She was the driver and it was her fault
One passenger saw a prostitute overdose
He was the one who provided him the drugs
One passenger saw a child thrown from a vehicle
Instead of stopping to see if the child was alive
He continued to drive like nothing happened

Every passenger has the same nightmare
They take one step off a cliff and fall infinitely
Before they hit the ground
They get hit by a train running upwards
No one could explain this nightmare to them
It didn't make much sense, but they knew it meant something
None of these passengers never noticed each other in real life
Until they met on the train, they will be complete strangers
If they did meet, maybe they could figure out what is wrong
That is the only way they could avoid the invisible train
Yet, one passenger stood next to another
Before they could meet eyes, they boarded the same train

I'm not sure why I wrote about something so dark. It took me awhile to complete this poem, but I enjoyed the thrill. I'm sure I could depict more characters later.

I hope you enjoy!

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