Monday, September 30, 2013

Choose Wisely

Relish your relish before you perish my relish
These devilish sandwiches are mine, I'm greedy, your jealous
Molasses you say, that's what you want today
I hope your ass burns like hellfire and passes through Satan
Turkey is for the skinny, Ham is for the man
Mustard is for suckers, ketchup is a sham
If you forget the lettuce, you have no friends
And cheese can be great if you choose wisely
Said the one sandwich maker who had an untimely death
Feta is for the meta world who always like something bitter
Blue for dudes who love nothing but salt and kidney stones
Cheddar is for the All-American who knows nothing better
Provolone is classy, massive, goes down smooth with the masses
If you throw jalapeƱos on your sandwich you are living the life
Hot and spicy sauce has nothing on Mexican strife
Before you make your sandwich choose the correct ingredients
Do not let the sandwich make you obedient

I guess when I first started this poem, I was hungry. I am no longer hungry after writing about so many disgusting cheeses. That's right, I am not a fan of Blue or Feta, but I thought it ran smoothly with the poem.

I hope you enjoy!

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