Thursday, September 12, 2013

Command Ender

Humanity rests upon your shoulders soldier
Get out of bed and start your day off right
Kill a few bugs this dreadful night
Never attend meetings without being asked
Always wash up before putting on your mask
Paper is not what it used to be
But do not fear the reaper
You win because you are
Every formation is perfect even when it's not
Do not take any ranked official for granted
Life begins and ends by your hand
Formal opponents will hate you day in and out
Ignore everyone including your family
Care for no one but the game and battles
The end is near Ender

I am reading Ender's Game. This book is pretty incredible. I am speeding through it too. The book is intelligent, cunning, and can get you thinking about personal experiences. I have actually related the book to my own life already and I'm a little over halfway through with it. I think I may read the second book in the series.

I hope you enjoy!

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