Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Driving Nowhere

While I drive through the darkness
I imagine going further than I ever have before
What if I didn't stop where I was supposed to
Keep going until I reach a new destination
No stops but the ones where I need gas, food and sleep
How far could I go until I couldn't take it
Each new town would be a small adventure
A new speed limit would either contain me longer in towns
Or make me speed right through them
The destination doesn't matter
As long as I get somewhere, sometime
If I am 231 miles form my original location
I know I could go futher
If I wind up in another state
I know I am going in the right direction
I go where I want
It helps me to stop thinking
Where am I
It doesn't matter
Where are you
It doesn't matter
Where will I wind up
Somewhere far away

I wrote this awhile ago and cannot remember why. I've been thinking about driving a lot lately.

I hope you enjoy!

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