Monday, September 16, 2013

Fact Checker

As time passes, the nervous I get
What could be, could come, may be a curious complex
I bet with time, things can change
Like the way we built the Hindenburg and Titanic, it's strange like that

With each day, brings a new whim
A possibility that could dim a creme de la creme
Time slows with each waking moment
And a song played sets my atonement

Apologies fly like a sacred raven
Never let die the imagined behavior
My thoughts are scatter into an endeavor
The creator will save me, but nothing can really be my savior

Flip a table if I must and shout aloud
The fixation is futile, but I am still proud
I've came this far and will never stop
I obtained this mar and will forever be on top

With my past experiences and continued pace
Unless someone ties my shoe laces together with disgrace
I may fall, but I will arise from the depths
My path is clear like Boba the Fett's

I never cease to amaze myself and others
I push myself at all times like a bird with too many feathers
Though I may lose a feather, another will appear
My dear, dear life is nothing to fear

I may be crazy like a bee, sting with a force so deep
Within these piles of rubble, I will never pillage until trouble
Comes along and saves me from this stature
My latch is broken, the fact checker will create an opening

I have no idea what was going on in my head when I wrote this. I was probably half asleep when I did write this.

I hope you enjoy!

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