Monday, September 30, 2013

Happily Ever Shoeless

Have you ever been to a ball
Where shoes were mandatory to take off
Once your Prince Charming arrives
They find shoes that peak their interest
And find their Cinderella amongst the crowd
Depending on who's feet slip into what shoe
Your Prince Charming must parade you around the ball
The distinguished gentleman will not care
Which shoes belong to whom
They are here to give every woman
A ball that they always imagined
A Cinderella story
A reality they can grasp

One Cinderella did not want their Prince Charming
She waited until all the shoes were gone
And threw her shoes where the rest had been
She knew her Prince Charming was not among these men
Choosing a pair of shoes
And judging a woman by the shoes
Is not her kind of ball she wants
She dreamed of a ball where a man
Would approach her at his own free will
And ask her for a dance
Names will not be revealed before they dance
They would relinquish their names
Halfway through their first dance
Maybe one day
Her Prince Charming would appear

A man without shoes, dressed in slack and flannel shirt
Approached a shoeless woman
He had no nerve, confidence or persistence
But she wasn't wearing shoes like him
He thought it was odd that someone
As beautiful as her
Would wear no shoes since her feet
Could easily be stepped on
He decided to help her out in this predicament
He asked her to dance without revealing his name
Instead, he made sure he never stepped
On her tiny beautiful toes
Halfway through the first song he said
His name was Dan
She smiled at him

She could not believe someone asked her to dance
Was this the ball she was hoping for all along
A man who had confidence to ask without knowing
He didn't have shoes
Which was weird
But she liked that he never stepped on her toes
She was at awe by his flannel shirt and slacks
As weird as this outfit may seem to others
She felt like she knew him forever
He said his name was Dan
She said her name was Roslyn
He smiled at her

Dan and Roslyn danced as long as they could
While their feet turned red and blistered
They stared into each others eyes and laughed
At every dumb joke, pun and smirk
Everyone was starring at their shoeless feet
When Dan and Roslyn noticed
They decided to yell aloud
Who needs shoes when your love needs you
They lived happily ever shoeless

I will give Rufus Wainwright credit for this corky poem. He has a song called Welcome To The Ball. They do not relate, but it did give me inspiration to come up with this weird fairytale.

I hope you enjoy!

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