Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Am Free

Rolling around the ground
I start to hear the sound
Of my mother calling me

She yells that the back door
Was left opened and the
Dogs left without saying good bye

I ran out the door today
Looking for the dogs, clearly
They did not want to be here

I then understood why they left
Get away from mother

I started to run as fast as I could
Not looking back and
Continue until all felt good

I am free from scrutiny
Chasing cars, birds and squirrels all day
I am free from my community
Drinking from fountains and never looking back

A man is after me
He wears all white in fact
I look back and there he is

I run as fast as I can
The man is yelling again
Why won't he leave me alone

He finally catches me
Why is he choking me
Will this be the last breathe I gasp for

I am put in some locked up area
Where the dogs all cling
To their life with a death all around

I fear for the worst right now
I don't want to be put down
Hey, look it's my brothers making a sound

I am no longer free, but captured
Where is my mother when I need her the most
I am no longer free, but in the framework
I have a record, mother please come for me

I look out the cage and perhaps
I aged another year relapse
Where am I and how long has it been

Each one of my brothers have
Cried out for mother yet
One bye one they have left

With other families, children adore them
I am still left alone waiting
For my mother and hating myself

Those shoes and footsteps
I know so well it cannot be
My mother is staring back at me

Why did she go passed me like that
What do I look like in fact
How did the ground start looking foaming

I am no longer myself
I foam out the mouth and bark like a mad dog
I am no longer myself
I will be put down, it's only a matter of time

I had a song stuck in my head all day that helped me write this. It's called Sleeping Walking. It's by band called The Chain Gang Of 1974. The song can also be heard on the Grand Theft Auto V trailer. I wish the song/poem thing didn't end up sad, but it happens.

I hope you enjoy!

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