Thursday, September 5, 2013

If I Was With You

If I was with you
I would buy you
A ring with no purpose
If i was by you
I would tell you
How beautiful you are everyday
If I was across from you
I would speak of you
As if you were never there
If I was above you
I would whisper to you
Sweet nothing's and weep from laughter
If I was next to you
I would want you
To hold my hand at every instance
If I was wondering about you
I would never fear for you
I trust you with all my heart
If I was dreaming of you
I would cherish you
Even more than when I am awake
If I was touching you
I would take you
Wherever you want to go
If I was with you
I would tell you
How much I care

I believe this could be considered and ode or a song, I haven't decided yet. I want this to sound like the song by Sixto Rodriguez, aka Sugar Man. He has a song called "I think of you." It is very soft and mellow. Easily one of my favorite artist.

I hope you enjoy!

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