Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Listen Mr. Brown

When I listen to my teach, all I get is a "wah"
Mr. Brown is on top of this without a frown
Fear the class clown, the Snoopy of the game
He may love barons, birds and blue blankets
But do not let his interior see the real you
Give him pennies on diems and quarters of food
See what he does to your screwed up face
Linus cannot help you
Lucy will out you with a phobia
Take a football to fool ya
Fly a kite into the tree
So you cannot see the "wahs" coming
Ignore Woodstock and get a pecker
To the head, tweet on this
Simple bliss from a yellow bird
Whose main goal is to fly
Die by no one, live for any pun
Cue the tree, but not the kite eating one
It's crippled like Linus without his blanky
Wrap it around the tree
And everyone notices it's inner beauty
Christmas may be about the gifts
But Linus leans toward its meaning
Good will toward men
The PumpkinKing is all he needs to be his Santa
Thanksgiving will always be a disaster
The problem, Snoopy has more relative relatives
Who can demolish the table faster
The dog is no pup but an adventure seeker
GIve him a plan
He will take a shot
Give him a blanket
He will take a shot
Give him a costume
He will take a lot of your candy
"Wah" "Wah" "Wah"
Is all you hear
Cut the crap and listen with your obscure ears

When I was growing up, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts were my everything. I remember getting into them during my elementary school days. When Charles Schutz died, it was a sad day for me. I collected a lot of the comics and enjoyed reading them in the Sunday paper. This was intended to be some kind of rap, not sure what it is anymore.

I hope you enjoy!

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