Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Look At Me Now

If I saw a moutain lion
I would run to the hills
But if I did that
Wouldn't I be target practice

If I saw a skating rink
I would walk on thin ice
Not because I can't skate
But because my date can't skate

If I saw an elephant
It would be in the room
Literally, there is an elephant
In my 10 x 10 room

If I saw a spider
I would burn my house down
Look a spider...

If I saw a lost child
I would approach with caution
Calling all mothers
Have you seen these children

If I saw a tiny snake
It would die by my rake
It's not my fault the snake
Wrapped its body around death

If I saw a clown
I would run under my covers
I hate clowns
I hate clowns

If I saw a woman
I would try to get her number
My pick up lines are perfect
Did it hurt when you rose from hell

If I saw my mother
She would be proud
She will laugh at this
Hey mom, look at me now

I had fun writing this. I am not sure what it all means using animals like I did here. I needed to have a fun poem to write, and I finally got one.

I hope you enjoy!

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