Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mr. Fix It

Give me a lyric so I can make its spirit
Flow so unimaginable that it's intangible
Manageable like the evil corporations
My phalanges hurt when I write
About this broke nation
The job market cease to exist
A Mr. Fix It in place ruined by the face
Of our government's plans and schemes
If you want to own me, then please redeem
My gift card where cash is refundable
I use gift cards like cash since it's all redundant
Cash isn't what it used to be since last year
A penny saved was a penny lost
Where the boss takes pennies on end
Leave me penniless in a gutter
Scrounging for food for my sick mother
They called me a street rat since I stole
From all the right places
The faces I interact with made me run
To the races
There goes Lucky Limbo and Tormented Tally
Come on horses, win big for daddy
I only gamble to make ends meat
Supper on the table is a huge feat
If you see me on a street corner
I have nothing to offer
I'm embarrassed to go home and be the father
They my children need in this darkest hour
A tiny flower for my daughter
Would have me bending over backwards
She understand that daddy has no real job
But she stayed with her Aunt while I run from the law
Why did the job market fall so quick
Ever since the government handed out the ticks
They sucked us dry like the vaccine drive
The last bug died within hours of being alive
Our nation is faster and more meticulous than ever
I do not even bother the courier
Who fetches my unemployment letters
They will be spent in minutes by taxes and ex-laxes
Where is Mr. Fix It when I need him
To fix my crisis

I believe Ender's Game is to blame for this. There is so much talk about the government that I had to write about some type of government where vaccines are quick and the job market is shit.

I hope you enjoy!

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