Friday, September 13, 2013

No Time For Music

Once the song starts, the relaxing begins
Every time this song comes on, my mind is obliterated
Not in a bad way, but the way you feel when
Nothing matters and life as you know it exist for only you
Instead of thinking about the world and its problems
You focus on the song and lose yourself
Basically, your mind can be clear
This is when strange thoughts arises from the depths
Maybe you could be a professional dancer
Inspiration is in all shapes and sizes, and lengths
The length of the song can have a long lasting affect
How long could it be stuck in your head
Not only can you sing the lyrics in your head
But you hum it, whistle it, sing it out loud
You forget who is around you and may be embarrassed
No worries though, since no one will care the slightest
What song means this much to you
I know a few songs that always come through

Have you ever had a song like this strike you in a way that you cannot explain? I was listening to a song this morning and forgot about everything. In my head, I was dancing. In public, I just kept walking. However, it made me think about trying to learn to dance again. Stranger things with music have happened to me.

I hope you enjoy!

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