Monday, September 16, 2013

One Tiny Phrase

The one phrase I never expected to come out of your perfectly shaped mouth revealed itself today. How could you relay something like that to me?
After all you have been through, you throw it out there without realizing what you have done.
Life does not work this way. When it starts to rain, you know when and where you will be drenched.
Each day is as monumental as the last; using sarcasm at least.
If the water stands still, why bother it with your erratic behavior.
Time did not matter to you, but you said it anyways. You spontaneous little bastard.
Why do you speak your mind with such nonsense?
You could have said anything else, but now I have to relive this memory everyday.
I do not believe it will go away anytime soon, but if it does, I hope it is slow and painful.
This torment does not hurt me, but makes me stronger. Nothing you say will change the fact that I was not expecting the unexpected.
I could not have predicted your movements, motive or monologue.
It sucks that everything reminds me of you now, but that's only a side effect.
I keep repeating that phrase in my head every night. I lose sleep, but at least it is for a good cause.
Life is supposed to be this hard, and tiny phrases can move you in ways you could never imagine.
If you repeat that phrase one more time, I just might have to say it back.
No promises though, since it is very vital and rare for me to speak this.
I love you.

I wrote this awhile ago. I wanted this poem to speak as if a woman was thinking and saying these things. However, I've come to the conclusion that this could be both for the male and female. Overall, I'm content about this poem.

I hope you enjoy!

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