Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Playing Hard To Get

Feminine fatal browsing through the young males
Peering through wooden structures
As if x-ray vision wasn't enough
She could sense the weak-minded
Buy him a drink and he will come back for more
Give him a sweet nothing and he will come back for more
Leave him a number and he will come back for more

Target acquired, seduction

The young male is tall, pale and modern
He has no baggage nor self-esteem
The feminine fatal sense his fear
She notices that he bought a cheap draft
Indicating that he had a bad day or is a cheapskate
She walks over and buys him a real drink

Double, crown, neat

He thanks her graciously
And turns back to his cheap draft
She did not understand his motive
Why did he thank her then focus on his draft
Why does he not focus on me, she thought
She gets up, walks over to the jukebox
Whenever a song plays that peeks an interest
Men usually tend to notice people around them
Instead of choosing one song
The feminine fatal chose many different types of songs
She hoped that one would grab his attention

Failure, none did

Was he playing hard to get
Is he taken
I did not see a ring on his finger, she thought
She had to bring out the big guns
If she was going to get laid tonight
She showed more skin than usual
She moved around him
Waved her arms like a flight attendant
When she tried to dance
Still, nothing but an expressionless face
From the young male at the bar
She gives up and sits at the end of the bar

Shot, whiskey, well

She was never this cheap, but her efforts meant nothing
She tried her best and it was not enough
As time passes, three songs played
A man came by and sat next to her
The young male said he noticed her
When she was being ridiculous
She turned to the young male
It was the same man she was trying to pick up
The young male is not as dumb as he looked
He waited for the right moment to talk with her
Without holding a grudge she introduces herself

My name is Cleopatra, she said
My name is Alexander, he said

The real importance to this entire poem is the last two lines. The significance, the power, the greatness. I believe a modern Cleopatra and Alexander the Great would be cool to see now in days.

I hope you enjoy!

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