Thursday, September 26, 2013

School is Cool

Withdrawn from school, exclaimed the fool
His reasoning made no sense
He started off passing every class
Until he slacked off, what a lazy ass

He drinks all day, stares away
Wonders if a woman will ever come his way
He buys more drinks than he can handle
His life is in shambles, he is titled the Vandal

I sat with him on this terrible Tuesday
To talk some sense into him, a parley
I explained the reasons to go back to school
The fool exclaimed it would be too hard today

I showed him my papers, they were easy to write
I showed him my math grades, they were just alright
I noted the students and friends he would meet
Again, he exclaimed, this old man is too late

He was only thirty with a lot on his plate
This little birdie needed a date
I found a woman who is going to Uni
She was only twenty-eight and not so loony

The fool returned from the date and complained some more
That the whore was nothing, but a bed sore
She wouldn't put out or go out on another date
I explained that she had class, you deadweight

The fool said they talked about school
How everything was so cool, this worried the fool
The last time he was in school, jean jackets were in
Guns and Roses ruled and he didn't know the Shins

I explained that he would catch on with time
The professors will help me stay in line
Do not worry about fitting in
Go Back to school so your life can begin

School is cool. Stay in school kids. Since I've been at the bars lately, I noticed some older gent who was talking to someone about school. I do not know if he finished, but based on his age and the younger woman, who knows? I do not judge when it comes to school. Money is an issue when it comes to school. Some people have it, others don't want it (loans that is).

I hope you enjoy!

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