Friday, September 27, 2013

Sweaty Palms

I clinch your hand tightly
As if to say, "hey"
I don't mind the sweaty palms
Since grasping for your hand in the darkness
Was all part of the plan
In reality, the end of the world is upon us
And holding your hand takes me out of this reality
Nobody could have seen this coming
The news said not to worry
Family and friends told us to stop
All I know is that I had to be next to you
No man, woman nor monster could make us part
I will hold you tightly until this passes
Or we pass out
I missed your head next to mine
On the cold side of the pillow
I missed the way your hair would tickle my face
If only my facial hair wasn't so long
Then you wouldn't laugh each time I hold you tight
The end of the world is upon us
I want it to end with you or start over
What was that sound
The door is gone
Good bye my love
It won't be too long

I was up late and decided to write something. At first, I knew what I wanted. I wanted this poem to be something from a monster movie such as Cloverfield (I am not a fan of this movie). Basically, the premise was to show that a couple are together and everyone is against. However, no one is against it. There is no innuendo. There is an actual monster out there trying to kill them.

I hope you enjoy!

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