Thursday, September 5, 2013

Talking Shit About Sunrises and Sets

I enjoy talking shit about sunrises and sets
The moon never bothers me since I have no debt
Women seem to listen to my story
But don't bother since I'm not pretty
Here is a drink, or four
Pour it down your guy and ask for more
Scrape a knee outside the bar, but land right side up in my bed
Though the day is half gone and my glass is empty
I got out and do the same thing everyday
I talk shit about sunrises and sets
Hoping that the moon will detest me
Give me that shine, give me this night, give me a fight
A bar patron walks in with a sleeve on his shoulder
One to be exact, the right one intact
It's time to hatch my revenge from three fortnights ago
He stole my woman who was interested in my story
Though she was only on beer two out of four
Before I step off the edge of this cliff, or wooden step
I post the same woman
She approached me with solitude and happiness
I continue my story without another drink
We talk shit about sunrises and sets
The moon can stay bliss without my distaste from this

This song is inspired by a Modest Mouse song called Talking Shit About Pretty Sunset. Basically, mine tells a different story, but it is a wonderful song. Give it a listen.

I hope you enjoy!

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