Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is full of old and young folks
I see Tommy playing in his red tailored suit
With his great grandfather who is 92
I see 9-year-old Claire in her blue Sunday dress
Playing with teenagers as if she was 14 herself
The tide rushes in and takes a few more children
Hopefully they will not drown while no one watching
That would be a travesty
but all the parents are at home, while the old folks roam
Today is a special day where parents take the day off
Not from their daily duties, but they all share a connection
They form a circle around one of their homes and choose
What is it they choose
Which great grandparent and child must die
It is for the sake of the Boardwalk
If no sacrifices are chosen, then the gangs will come out
They are ruthless and will murder every man and boy
The women and little girls will have to fend for themselves
There are a group of women who actually want this to happen
They call themselves the Privileged
While they attend the meeting, they try and complicate the issue
A town with no men intrigues them
Why should man hold women back
Why should man not eat from the apple by themselves
Why should man be man
It has been nearly 30 years since this ritual
And with no success from the Privileged
However, this year could be different under the right circumstances
Tommy, Clarie and Tommy's great grandfather are the key

I was looking around the room and saw my Boardwalk Empire bluray case. I thought, I want to write about a Boardwalk. Then I thought about one of my favorite short stories that involved stoning a person to death for the sake of a village. Then I came up with this. I could probably turn it into a prose poem, but I really like the idea.

I hope you enjoy!

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