Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Fashion Police

Fashion shows are perfect when you are not part of them
The unimaginable clothing not only arouse suspicion
But the dimensions are subtle yet curvy at the same time
Famous people among the crowd care about nothing
But the beautiful people wearing the most ridiculous clothing

Each fashion show starts with the premise and is well contained
An activist would be very passive at this one event
It involved little enthusiasm, yet controls the nervous system

Something was spewing from the vents
This invisible gas was nothing, but an after mention special
Sleeping gas mixed with laughing gas
Everyone was put in a good mood tonight

When they awaken, they will be part of the fashion show
They will get to wear the ridiculous clothes
Walk onstage with such manner and vices
If they poss correctly, they will be let free
If they stop short and fall, they will meet their doom
Fashion shows can be a scary place
Especially if you were abducted by the fashion police

A long time ago, a friend put on a fashion show you could say. I did not know what to expect, but it did inspire me to write the first three lines to get me started. I finished the rest of this poem last night when it was very late.

I hope you enjoy!

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