Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Tuscan Shots

The Tuscan Hills is no place for paranoid single mothers
Even if the alarms are set, nothing protects you from the major threat of loneliness
You can spend over three hundred thousands dollars on your home
A tremendous home with an acre and patio that brings all the men to the yard
You can have as many cookouts as you like
But will that make up for the shots you hear in the dark
You do not believe in ghosts, so scratch that from existence
You do not believe anyone is out to get you
You do not believe this is a bad neighborhood
So why do you hear these shots that no one else hears
Can you be imagining a preexisting threat you want to happen
Something to tickle your composure and dignify this lonely posture
You not only fear for your life, but your daughter who started college
She doesn't want to live at home anymore and she's not too far away
Take 35 for a few minutes and you could see her
When you go to bed, you hear those shots
Your halfbreed rat terrier is in the room with you and does not stir
You get out of bed and walk down your tattered hallway with knickknacks along the walls
You see pictures of your former self and ex husbands
What could that have been you ask yourself
You get to the kitchen and find nothing
You are slowly going insane, wanting someone there with you
Not to protect you, but so they can tell you that the shots are all in your head
Before you head to bed, you take a shot of crown
That knocks you and the shots out

I'm not sure how I thought about this. I was looking for something in Tuscany and then found out that Denton has a Tuscan Hills community. The houses are very expensive so I decided to talk about a single mother who is freaking out.

I hope you enjoy!

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