Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thrown For A Vehicle

When a child is thrown from a moving vehicle
Survives this and that it shocks the people
The church goers surround the child in the tiny steeple
After the child awoke in his race car bed
He didn't know any better and thought he was dead
Instead of seeing the light all he saw was cherry red
His parents took him to the doctor to find out what's wrong
The doctor explained that he was colorblind all along
The child starts to black out and sees nothing any longer
Though he did tuck and roll, not break any bones
His eyes sight messed up after he was thrown
Why did God take this child sight away
And condone him to darkness everyday
What the church goers didn't know along with his parents
The child never believed and it was apparent
God was taking revenge on the child, its transparent
That the child was always wanting to be incoherent
It's not the child's fault that he didn't believe
He chose his own beliefs years after he was conceived
No one can tell him what to do or how to perceive it
The child accepts his newly acquired eyes
Decides to go on another fucking ride
Nothing matters to him and he subsides then dies

I was inspired to write this because of Modest Mouse. They have a song called Dark Center of the Universe. I think it helps when you can sing your own stuff to it, to at least get the cadence you want. Check out the song, it is great.

I hope you enjoy!

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