Monday, September 30, 2013

Where Are You Moon?

I looked for the moon tonight, but with little success. The cloud covering made it seem as if the moon did not want put on a show. The moon never does this to me, so why tonight? The moon has always treated me kindly and fairly; it never tends to wave my hand away. When I put my fingers close to it, the moon loves to stay in between those fingers.

It's funny, but it is so bright tonight without the moon. The clouds are very prudent and shine off light that is not usually seen. The stars are covered up, but I know they are still there. Even if the moon is hiding, the clouds are making this night sky beautiful, radiant. If I could get a glimpse at the moon, my day would be made. Just one tiny shade of white, and these clouds are not cutting it for me.

If I could take a knife, and cut through the clouds, I would. I believe if I was flying like a plane, the moon would easily be visible. I can imagine the moon being exactly where it's supposed to be, but it is not the same. I wish the moon would peek it's wonderful white beautiful surface out one last time tonight, so I can take a picture and show someone.

I wrote this a little while ago. The moon is very important to me, like I never thought it could be. It is strange how an object in the sky, well space in this instance, can be this important to me. I think it symbolism reminds me about a lot of things.

I hope you enjoy!

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