Thursday, September 12, 2013

You Are My Sun

Remember the moment I said I would bring you the moon
Not with a silly lasso but with a power far greater than any tune
I will not fly you to the moon or show you pictures from space
I will bring the moon to you, no matter what it takes
Every full moon you see, stare graciously at it
It may seem close now, but just wait until you can grab it
If the moon is too close, the tides will change
If the moon is too far, what would be the point of night
If the moon is within your grasp, do not take it for granted
The moon is not something we can land on anytime soon
Walking on the moon is all in the past
Bringing it down to Earth is my daily task
It may sound like a ridiculous motive, to bring the moon to you
But deep down, I believe this could be the greatest gift of all
I may take weeks, months or years, but the moon is yours
There is no doubt in my mind that the moon can be ours
I do not want the World, I want the moon for me and you
I want you to see the moon as I see you

I hope you enjoy!

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