Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Civilized Rainbow

Sleeping on rainbows is the only way for me to get any sleep
The rain wakes me up, but clear skies knock me out
At one end, I can see a horizon that spreads across the eastern sea
The other end has another raging storm waiting to establish itself
Storms can be selfish and I tend to keep out of their foolish ways
One storm could inquire enough wind to blow everything over around me
However, the rainbow may bring a smile to someone's face if not mine
I would rather sleep during the spontaneous storms
The lightening scares me while the rain dulls my senses
First, I would lost my sight along with my touch
I may freeze to death and create obscene gestures
But that is what happens when I am dying to appear on a rainbow
Half awake now, a storm is brewing in the est most desert
It is deserted (luckily), but the creatures have no idea what is coming
Once it is all said and done, I will lie down on the rainbow
Rest my eyes once more for every living thing to see

It has been raining a lot lately and I guess that is what inspired this. I'm not sure if this is good at all. I may need edit this one a lot later down the road.

I hope you enjoy!

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