Friday, October 18, 2013

A Ghostly Laugh

"Relinquish your soul to become mine!" Yelled the ghost; except the little girl was not afraid. The ghost looked like a little boy with sharp teeth and tattered clothes. The little girl laughed melodically because the little ghost boy is only five feet tall. He has a softness to his face even with protruding teeth like a shark.

The story goes that the little boy had surgery done to his face. His father was a mad scientist who liked to put wild animals teeth in different subordinates. The first experiment was a success when he put alligator teeth inside a crow's mouth; that crow now eats meat. His next experiment was to extract a lion's jaw and replace a bear's jaw. It was successful, but he lost part of his head when the bear tried to bite it clean off.

The part of the brain the father lost was the insula and the striatum; he could no longer love, lust or become a drug addict. During his time of recovery, his little boy took care of him day in and day out. While the little boy felt closer to his father, his father was just thinking up another experiment that will achieve levels of science no one has sought to try. He decided that his final product, his prodigy, would be replacing his son's teeth with a shark's.

Since sharks continually shred their teeth, it was not hard for the father to find some teeth. He then laced them with some bone marrow to make sure they would harden. The hard part for the father would be measuring his son's mouth to find out how big it was so he knew how to lace the teeth in his son's jaw; all without him knowing about it. While his little boy slept, he came into his room to do measurements. He made sure to give his boy a hefty amount of chloroform to knock him out while he measured.

Finally, the day came when the procedure had to be done. He knocked out his boy one last time and made sure he would not wake up until the procedure was done. The father kissed his little boy on his head and tucked him in, then proceeded to give him enough drugs to knock out an elephant. The little boy should not feel a thing, his father thought, but the little boy was wide awake in his mind when the procedure started.

The little boy was freaking out and wanted to scream the entire time. His heart was racing with each pulled tooth. He felt new ones being pushed in their by force and reattached with a soldering iron. The worst part was not the pain, but the methodical laugh he heard from his father. His father was going to kill him and he knew it. When the procedure was over, the little boy passed away in his sleep with a mouth full of shark's teeth.

The little girl cried when she heard the story. She did not understand that the father was a mad man with mental problems that make the craziest man sound sane. She was too young to understand how much pain the little ghost boy felt mentally and physically. While she cried, the little ghost boy decided he would leave this world instead of hunting for a soul. Before he could go, the little girl gave part of her soul to the little ghost boy and hugged him.

The little boy cried and stayed with her forever. No one else could see him, but the little girl. They would end up becoming best friends until the little girl passes beyond the living. The older she grew, the more the little boy was fading from her memory. She was not trying to forget him, but her life was quickly passing by. Before they knew it, the little girl was now an old woman. The little boy was still there, but the old woman could no longer see him. He waited by her death bed for days and days. Family always came for a visit, but the little boy would never leave. Finally, she was about to draw her last breath, and saw the little boys face. She laughed melodically and whispered, "See you soon."

I wanted to write a scary story, but it came out to be a love story? I have no idea. I wanted the boy to be Casper-like, but it ended up being something else. How could a young boy who was a ghost have such an old complex? I believe many ghost live for so long in their state of body, but continue to age in their own hollow head. They learn and adapt.

I hope you enjoy!

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