Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Candy Fiend

Candy, we meet again
It is not everyday I consume you
But when I do, it is non-stop
The worst half of the year is upon me
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas
The big three for eating terribly
People work out to lose weight
But gain it all back this late in the year
I fear that I cannot contain myself
These sweets make me grovel
Grovel with pain, happiness and sorrow
Tomorrow I may eat more or less
The next day will be the same
I am impressed I am not overweight
My teeth are not thanking me anytime soon
The more I eat you, the better you taste
Why does candy tease me, it's one big chase
I wonder if I have chocolate on my face

I have been eating a lot of candy lately. My office is full of it because of Halloween. I cannot wait until this "holiday" is over.

I hope you enjoy!

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