Monday, October 14, 2013

Gotta Catch Them All

Pokemon, Pokeman, Pokewoman
There are three types you can be
Unisex, male, or female
You can rummage through bushes
As far as the eye can see
If you don't want to be captured
Run for your life
A Pokeball could catch you
You will be locked up real tight
But try not to fret too much
Since you will have a trainer
They tend and care for their Pokemon
In any climate, situation or danger
You may have to battle here and there
Battle with all your might
And you may get a rare piece of candy
The stronger you get
The stronger your relationship with your trainer grows
Evolve if you'd like
The trainer knows when you will plateau
Your friendship is more powerful
Than any quid pro quo

Yes, I am back into Pokemon. I recently purchased the new game. I have no played one since my childhood and it is really fun. You can do so much more than I thought was possible.

I hope you enjoy!

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