Tuesday, October 29, 2013


You highlight my life
Memories of yellow start to unfold
Dandelions, buzzing bees, heart of gold
This delicious aroma removes my blindfold
Your boldness, cunning and my mind is always running
Searching, wanting, holding you closely
With this mighty highlighter, I will find the answers
Remember each question and question each answer
No matter the challenge, I shall overcome
Over cumbersome to many, defined by none
The battle is over but the war still rages on
I want that letter more than anything
Give me the time, patience and I can do everything
I will study you until my last dying breathe
Who needs sleep, I will do that during death

I saw a highlighter, I wrote about it. I bet you thought it was about someone? Nope, this is about studying and getting the grade you want.

I hope you enjoy!

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