Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hunger Games

This song is no ordinary song
It will make you hunger for games
There is no mention of soul food
Nor a first person shooter
But it will make you hungry

Mayhap the game be something less splendid
Pong or Tetris will do, but not in this day and age
Mayhap the food be something less craved
Chicken fried steak with no side, out of the question
No matter what, you will be hungry for games

Food fights are encrusted, but strictly forbidden
It may sound like a hunger game
Mashed tators in the eyes
Green peas up the nose
Spoonfuls of Mac and Cheese in your hair

Now you can focus all of these foods in first person
How far will the food be thrown under this trajectory
If you aim it this high in this wind
It should land at the far side of the room
Instead of throwing your food, why not play with it

Use everything as building blocks
You need a solid base, starch will do
Now throw some veggies to make a tower
If you have a dinner roll, you can throw it at your tower
The greater the hit, the more food on the floor and less in your mouth
(Make sure you scream when you throw your roll)

Hide and seek with food is also recommended
You lost some in your couch a couple days ago
Everything looks clean, so the food should be edible
Take a bite and nurture your appetite with 2 day rules instead of 5 seconds
This song will make you hungry for games with food

A friend of mine gave me inspiration. She told me to write a poem/song (mostly a song) about how it makes you hungry and think of games. I think I grasped the concept, but I'm not sure how the execution went.

I hope you enjoy!

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