Friday, October 4, 2013

Death By Train

"I'm being chased by a train, no matter what street I turn on to."
- Casey

What is that infuriating sound
It is so loud that my car is running off the road
I'm being chased by a train
That whistle blows louder than my car stereo
I have a feeling it is right on my bumper
No matter what street I turn on to
It is still following me, pushing me to speed
I don't want to die by a train
I do that enough in video games
I better speed through these stop signs
So I can live a little longer
I may as well turn up the radio
Since this could be my last song
I want to go out with a bang
While listening to my favorite song
I will yell the lyrics as loud as possible
I am not scared of this train
I cannot fear death
The train sounds like it is getting further away
It is probably far from be since I am going 65
Another infuriating sound is behind me
Today is not my lucky day
Why are those lights so bright
Good evening officer

I was driving the other day and heard the train. The thing about where I live is that the train is not that close to me, but it was fairly loud while I was driving. I had my windows opened and music blaring. That was my inspiration to this poem. Also, the cops, yeah, where I drive to, they were out like crazy monitoring everything.

I hope you enjoy!

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