Monday, October 21, 2013

Lucky Number 18

Luck ran out but it can always find its way back
We are not granted luck, but fully experience it on our own free will
We exploit it, yearn for it, know when it disappears
Luck can make or  break situations
Will you lose a few hundred dollars in a casino?
Will you lose a battle among friends online?
Will you lose somebody close to you?
When we lose luck, life changes in a significant way
We can no longer reach out for luck when it comes to simple tasks
Skill is now more involved with our everyday chores
It can be hard, but we push through each day
Waiting for a piece of luck to return for a moment
A four-leaf clover will not help us
A lucky pair of five-year-old dirty socks will never feel the same
A simple task of flipping a coin will always land wrong-side-up
The longer we wait for our luck to return
It feels like we hone our skills on what matters most
While we want luck, other things are more important

I thought I ran out of luck for the longest time, but I have a good feeling it will start coming back slowly. Not everything is based on luck, but it is nice to know when things change, luck can turn around.

I hope you enjoy!

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