Monday, October 14, 2013

Mighty Salty Goodness

I woke up today; feeling alive
It could have been that rice pilaf I had last night
You see, it had some type of drug in it
My mother calls it MSG
I call it Mighty Salty Goodness
My friends say it is addicting
And say funny lines like
MSG is one hell of a drug
Yet, I do not find it addicting
I have been eating more lately
But I never noticed if the box says
MSG additives or no MSG
If I ever get a belly ache
I make sure to digest more MSG
I heard it could cause headaches
Possibly a touch of nausea
But that does not bother me much
That's why God made Tums
Wow, MSG not only makes the food
Savory, moist, meaty
But it takes flavors to the next level
I recently found out from mother
That MSG is in a lot of fast food
What more does a kid want
Than to get delicious MSG
Served to you over nuggets and fries
If I had the drug
I would inject my fruits and veggies
That way I would actually get my vitamins
My mother says I have put on 20 pounds
Well, I am growing a inch per month
So by the time I reach high school
I should be at healthy weight
Thanks to Mighty Salty Goodness

MSG scares me and what it can do to children, teens and adults. It is basically a drug though. This stuff is probably addicting, and I try my best to stay away from it. I wish more products put a HUGE label that said if it was in the food or not.

I hope you enjoy!

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