Monday, October 7, 2013

Painting Walls

Repeating textures consume me
This textile farm no longer captures my emotions
Instead, everything looks washed out and gray
A bland composition intrigues me from now on
Why did it take me painting hundreds of pieces
In my lifetime, to make everything look the same
No matter where my next stroke goes
It has been there in some shape or manner
If I use the same blot technique,
It reminds me of another blot painting from years ago
Each color, shape and fragment looks the same
If I can't sculpt a body out of thin air
Give resonance to a portrait of an amphitheater
Draw doodles in a thousands books
Then what's the point of making art anymore
All I am doing is considered practice
If no one sees these well-constructed paintings
I need to get out of here and bring only my art
Show the world that I am no stranger to color
The world needs to see my works
Then my emotions can spread on to
A bigger canvas for everyone to see

I've been painting a lot and I may have found my calling. Painting houses is really a lot of fun. It is relaxing, calming and fun. Maybe I'll start doing this as a hobby someday.

I hope you enjoy!

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