Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Moments like these last until darkness proceeds
When you open those doors, I wonder who will be taken next
My orange brethren was taken out just the other day
It feels like years since I last saw him
His bruises were nearly visible, but he was always rotten at the core
I remember the day I was placed in this frozen valley
There were not many others in here at the time
But I am one of the lucky ones who has not been thrown out yet
Throughout the days, months, or could be years, more things have joined me
I have never seen so many different things, but they are just like me
I do not have a father nor mother, and my brother is not really my brother
We were brought in at the same time and talked to each other quite often
I keep counting down the time of when I will be taken away
The light comes on every now and then, but the darkness scares me
I have too much hope and my bruises are starting to show
There is a good chance I may not make it
I wish I was at home in my soft bed of brown
There, I could see the sunshine, feel the rain, and grew to what I am now
Please, thing we call Roger, eat me before I die

After I wrote the first line, I knew it would be about food. The next thought in my process was to figure out what food would actually be used in this poem. I decided to choose a carrot!

I hope you enjoy!

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