Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ring of Thread

Ring or no ring, our matrimony exists
If you choose not to believe me
Take a look at my skinny ring finger
That piece of thread is what is holding us together
We may be poor and cheap, but I do my wife right
Some woman may not think "it's the thought that counts"
But this ring of thread has more meaning than any diamond
People say "diamonds last forever"
Well this thread will outlive any overpriced diamond
This wool threaded ring came from a divine piece
It was from an old rocking chair that my wife's
Great great grandfather built
The wool threaded back was so finely threaded
That this chair has lasted generation after generation
Once we inherited the chair after the years it was in service
I decided it would be an opportune time
To have the rocking chair worked on for our child
While it was being refurbished, I asked the carpenter
To relinquish some of the old threaded back
He usually throws stuff like that away
But I had something special plan for said wool
I wanted to give my wife the most beautiful ring
It does not shine in the light, it does not cost a fortune
But it means more to her than a ring from a boutique store
She still remembers being in her great great grandfather's lap
The ring of thread is more important than any diamond
We will cherish this forever and will never sever our life we share together

I wrote this last night. I am not sure how I thought about it or why. I thought it was pretty neat to see a man defend why his ring is not so relevant to many, but to him and his wife, it is the world.

I hope you enjoy!

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