Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rundown Jukebox

The Oldies play throughout the open bar
Every generation sings along with every song
Oldies rule this rundown bar with a passionate phenom
Once, ladies ran wild bra-less in high heeled boots
Men enjoyed wearing all black with white ties and white shoes
Teenagers snuck in to grab a quickie and run
The open bar used to be alive, but all it has left is music
Bar patrons always know which waves to play
The bar has a decomposed jukebox with 45 great albums
No matter what anyone plays, a magnifico score comes on
It can be something from the early 40s, late 60s, mid 80s or the righteous 70s
A new generation will own this bar soon
The "for sale" sign was removed two nights ago
For its grand opening, the only music in the bar will come out of the rundown jukebox
It still has some juice and bar patrons will dance, sing, holler and laugh
This bar will never cease to exist and the music will never stop
Ringing throughout this rundown bar

Lots of music going on when I wrote this. I also was at a bar yesterday. However, the bar was playing terrible music. I never felt awkward playing darts until last night. Sometimes, you have to have the right music to get in the zone.

I hope you enjoy!

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