Friday, October 11, 2013

Skater Girl

Revert to ollie
I am kicking back
Skating upwards
You see, this girl
Way out yonder
I yearn, I earn, and pay by the dollar
I may be terrible
At skating that is
But I know a way
Around a woman's heart
I can do infinite loops
Look like a poser
But I need her like a skater
Needs a helmet
I'm hellbent on her
Wondering if she notices me
I fall all the time
I've seen her laugh
Time to time
I decide to learn to kickflip
It was not going so well
She came over
And helped
She is a better skater than me
Which is not surprising
But does it look
Less manly
Who cares
I sure don't
Being in her presence
Is enough
We rode around town
Laughing and rolling
Her carefree spirit
Is a relief
She showed me
How to kickflip
She showed me
How to skate
She showed me
How to love
She showed me
Our fate

Skating was the one skill I wanted to learn, but never could figure it out. Once I could not ollie, I quit. Maybe one day, I'll pick it up again.

I hope you enjoy!

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