Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Squirrely Situation

A fat squirrel crawls into a dark space
He realizes that this is not his place
It was too late
A beaver crawls in and takes a chomp at him
Those two big front teeth nearly gave him a trim
The fat squirrel realizes this is his fate
But wait
There is a hole on the other side of the dam
He scurries away like he saw a man
The beaver is closing in, tail flapping left and right
It is too tight, thought the squirrel
He sucks in his gut and pushes his way through
I can see the light, blinded the squirrel
The beaver was stuck inside his dam
I will get you next time, he throws a tiny can
The squirrels looks down and what does he see
His large gut was missing
Winter is close and he weighed less than before
I better gobble up some nuts, and then sleep some more

I thought this was a nice poem. There are tons of squirrels on campus right now and tons of them are getting fat.

I hope you enjoy!

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