Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Aryan Brotherhood

Immediate family is not privileged to enter
Said the two ton guard at the foot of the hospital door
How does that even happen at a hospital
I thought family members were the only ones allowed in
My brother was caught in a fire and was nearly burnt alive
He has two giant guards watching his door as if he was part of something bigger
Of course, I am jealous of my brother since he gets all the attention
He went into the line of work that I was planning on attending
However, after seeing his stature, maybe I'll reconsider
I asked the guards if I could go in now, five minutes after the first time
Are you immediate family
Asked the dumbfounded guard even though I just talked to him
No, I am not immediate family, we have no blood relation
Then you are allowed in at once
I am so confused by our interaction, but did not question it
I walked into the room to find my brother peering out the window
He had bandages wrapped around his entire head, arms and legs
I asked him what happened and if he would be ok
My brother replied with a grin
A prison riot, six are dead, six are in intensive care, six men did all of this
The Brotherhood is out to get me it seems since this is the sixth time I have been here
If I die during the next prison riot, make sure mother knows it was for a good cause
Not some faction who believes in an unworthy cause
I promised my brother I would tell our mother a lie so she would not be scared
My brother is tough as nails, but being a guard and ex-prision inmate does not look good for him

I hope you enjoy!

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