Thursday, November 7, 2013

Faux Box

I drop the sticks
Into a box
Hope they morph
Into a polygon
It does not matter
What shape or size
An enclosure is great
What is the prize
The polygon of course
With no way out
Place a dot inside
What is this lout
This is no polygon
The lines did not form
Pick up sticks
My feelings are torn
I was hoping for a shape
Instead I get nothing
Just sticks on the ground
My heart is rushing
I am playing with matches
They can create no fire
These sticks are useless
This box is a liar
The box said
It can make any shape
Create mass havoc
I must dictate
I drop the sticks
Into this box
They will not morph
What is this faux

Simple yet complicated. The rhyme scheme is easy to find, but what is the real significance of the box. Also, pick-up-sticks, anybody remember that game?

I hope you enjoy!

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