Monday, November 4, 2013

Free Agent

Blockbuster deals and one day rentals
I was once a star, but now I live in my car
They call me up from the shambles of life
To get back on the field and put up a fight
I never understood their reasoning
And small paycheck I'll earn
I do my job to the best of my abilities
But yearn for so much more
A ball is never thrown my way
I take up bench space during difficult times
If I am ever called in, it's not because I'm special
I only play on special teams since that is where
All the spare players go
If I make one tackle, my coach will not cheer
My buddies on the sideline hate me I fear
I come off the streets
Take the blunt of the force
I tackle my enemy and show no remorse
I am a free agent

How it would suck to be a free agent in football. If a team is desperate, they will pick someone up out of thin air. I bet there are players who lived in their cars before being called in. Football is my favorite sport, but I bet it has a lot of shadiness to it.

I hope you enjoy!

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