Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I spot with my red eye too many people that will end up dying.
I can sense their fears, horrid nightmares and uneasiness.
The flight was supposed to take off hours ago, but the PA said no.
To my understanding, Hell takes decades to get to after death.
This purgatory is brutal since the oldest burial has lived half of his life here.
When a newcomer enters, the personnel graciously gives them a seat.
Unknowingly, they sit, fiddle with their cold dead hands, and go mad.
The wait is excruciating and the time is never-ending, Hellbent even.
Look out the left window, Hell is waiting for me to arrive.
Look out the right window, Hell does not seem so bad, when it revolves around lust.
I need to get out of here soon before I open the door and fall out of this plane.
Ding. "You may now remove your seat belts. We are approaching our destination."

I hope you enjoy!

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