Monday, November 18, 2013

Kill Streak Wallet

Redeem twenty tokens
Said the futurist machine
That had metal eyeballs
Staring into my soul
It is my guilty pleasure
To play these games
I lose money every time
But it is so addicting
The control are simple
The gameplay is not creative
Why do I play such a plain game
Because it passes time
Go here and do that
Kill him or a scarier version of him
Boss battles are meticulous
Jump platform to platform
Watch a cut scene or two
Skip a cut scene or two
Continue killing everyone
This repetitiveness is what I live for
Gaming is my life
Take my twenty tokens
I am on a kill streak
My wallet is dying

Video games are everywhere right now. I am getting the Xbox One soon enough! I am pretty excited. However, I feel like gaming is wasting money at times. It is a very expensive hobby when you think about it.

I hope you enjoy!

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