Monday, November 11, 2013

Nightmares On Campus

I walk around campus and what do I see
People walking, running, talking, laughing
The same old verbs that make me tired
Of watching students walk around campus

What if instead people were killing
Zombies raided the dorms
Werewolves controlled the parking lots
And Witches act as the Deans

A mangled body hanging from the parking garage
Two human eyeballs in a zombies mouth
Some sort of skeleton cloud above the school
This Hell might be Heaven on Earth for some

Instead of hurrying around campus
I may watch all of this unfold
Who would get away and why
This sounds like fun if you can survive

Halloween is over, but it is still fun imagining things like this on campus. I'm going to get the Xbox One and pick up Dead Rising 3. Maybe all this zombie madness inspired this poem. I cannot wait.

I hope you enjoy!

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