Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Paying for College

A benefactor once came and took my hand
They not only relinquished gold and silver
But placed a beating heart in my palm
What was I supposed to do with this heart

I threw it away, not thinking about the consequences
I started having chest pains afterwards
My nervous system made it hard for me to walk
Blood was never going to my fingers

Each minute I wasted, my life was deteriorating
I had no idea that the benefactor gave me my own heart
It was right in front of me on a platter
And yet, I threw it away like it was nothing

My body cannot take this much longer
Where did my benefactor go
Can they gave me another heart
I need money to live

College is expensive. However, when people find out they are not getting money for a reason they had no idea about, they start freaking out. If you do not meet certain requirements, the money will not come to save you.

I hope you enjoy!

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