Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Red, Green, White and Blue

Red, green and white
My nations flag that sways all day and night
I always get looks when I walk outside my house
People love to glare and yell at my spouse
Even though I am white, I support my woman's race
I make a case to my friends, and commend their demands
To cut up the red, green and white
My hairless chihuahua was on a leash outside
And someone stopped by to cut it lose
It let out a loud whimper, and was not at t bell
The poor little guy might have gone to hell
I miss him mucho, could you please, por favor
Not mess with mi family and me
We did not jump the boarder nor drive a hydraulic car
Not only did we take the test and became a citizen
We missed four questions on the test
And support this country more than the best
If you look to the right of our flag
You can see the red, white and blue
Let us support two nations and show our true colors
Red, green, white and blue

I am half-hispanic. If you look at me, I do not really look the part. I support both nations, but do not throw flags out their. I just hate that some people are being discriminated by their country and colors.

I hope you enjoy!

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