Monday, November 18, 2013

Sweep the Leg Old Man

Corn stalks rise from the grave
And old man stalks his prey
The corn stalks try to pop
It makes the old man stop

Do not eat me, yelled the corn stalk
Eat me, yelled the popped corn
The old man did not know which to choose
He takes a handful of each and starts to loose it

Chomp, chomp, chomp, both are eaten
At the same time, this sweeten the deal
Kernels were being lodged in his mouth
Corn was stuck in all parts of his mouth

A mammoth corn stalk appears from the horizon
Why do you eat my children, asked the woman stalk
I eat for it told me to eat, I eat for it taste delicious
Get over here so I can eat you, explained the old man

The mammoth corn stalk starts to leap
Down she goes with a giant sweep
Her leaves that held her up are no longer there
The old man swept the leg, and all is fair

I did not know it would end like this, but The Karate Kid influenced me. Sweep the leg Johnny.

I hope you enjoy!

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